Reasons Why Instagram is Great for Marketing

For a very long time, numerous online users claim that Instagram is a great platform for marketing one’s business. So, how can you be sure Instagram is beneficial for your brand? Instagram (IG) is undeniably among the most important social media platforms in existence. A variety of users keep their focus on how to get more Instagram followers while some are purely content lovers who don’t mind about their followers count.

I positively say that any brand or influencers not using IG as a marketing platform is missing out on a lot. Whether you handle the social account of a large company, a start-up firm, or a personal brand, using Instagram in your campaign is necessary if you aim to reach a broader audience.

Here are some tips on why Instagram is good for business.

Instagram is Based on Storytelling

The majority of online users are fans of stories. Storytelling is basically part of our nature as humans. And from the business side, great storytelling skills will help build an emotional link with your followers.

Posting and sharing visual content is one of the effective means of informing your followers what your brand is all about. You can easily build a relationship with clients and even find potential ambassadors for your brand. Take advantage of Instagram’s platform to encourage an emotional acknowledgment to your business.

Visual Content is Key to Your Marketing Plan

Images are the most-involving content on the internet. The visual posts alone produce 650% more engagements than texts. This fact makes Instagram a suitable platform to communicate with your clients and keep them coming for more. Utilizing IG to experiment with what works well with your crowd visually, will assist in developing your brand awareness campaign.

You can also include the visuals you post on Instagram to your alternative social media profiles, email newsletters, and blogs. One trick you can use to keep your Instagram feed neat and attractive is by sticking to a consistent style and color theme.

Instagram Offers the Platform to Reach a Larger Audience

instagram picture
Instagram has more than 700 million users on its platforms. IG offers firms a large potential audience. When using IG, hashtags are among the key to getting your work out to the public and in front of a suitable audience. Make sure that you use the correct hashtags which your potential audience seeks.
You can as well set up target advertisements to get more potential clients. However, the ad feature will cost you. An Instagram ad is only recommended if you are willing to invest your time and money.

Perfect Place to Interact with the Community

Compared to all other social media platforms, Instagram has the most significant normal engagement rate. It also features a higher business engagement rate, proving that the audience on IG is more receiving towards branded content compared to other social channels.

One right way to get started with building engagement is by following accounts that talk about your products, your brand and engage in your posts. Keep in mind that interacting with your clients isn’t about posting videos and pictures of your commodities; you have to make the effort of actual communication.

There you have it; four simple reasons why you need to include Instagram in your marketing strategy.