How to Develop an SEO Friendly Website

A website is a tool of opportunity. .Having it well structured allows you to optimize and improve your business, your project, for yourself or clients. To be SEO friendly, a website must have certain technical characteristics. This can be beneficial for your company website because you will pull traffic that can be translated into sales.

site optimizationYou can learn how to do seo for lawyers for a maximum ROI. The qualities of your SEO friendly website should be related both to the reception of the code to which it is made. Therefore, during design, it is important to consider a few points, which are helpful in getting the most benefits possible when you are online. Here are some of the things you should consider to come up with an SEO friendly site.

Web Security

Conversion to the HTTPS protocol means greatersearch engine optimization security for the user (and therefore, a better user experience), whether making purchases or browsing the site. Google is starting many index pages with this HTTP protocol than the traditional one; for e-commerce sites. It is essential to use unless users are diverted from other payment platforms (sell bank, PayPal, etc.).


The site must first be designed for use with mobile devices and then on the desktop. Everyone has a mobile, which is why you have to turn to the class of users to be reached. They must always be reachable at any time and from anywhere. This is especially true for those sites that focus on sales and conversions; otherwise, the user turns away from the competition! Do not forget that if your site is directed to mobile, Google will give more points (rank site).

Meta Description

Properly apply the Meta description tag of the site for each page you want to index. The keyword tag is hardly considered, so you can let go of it. The Meta description tag matches those parts of the text that we display in the SERPs: the so-called snippets, under the title of the page or site.

Website Loading Speed

Use clean code and try to keep it that way. A fast loading website (and pleasant to navigate) is easier to attract the user, thus improving the experience, it can give you a better chance of converting. To control the loading speed, you can use the Google Page Speed tool that allows you to control all these parameters and what improvements have been made.

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